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Cloud production and collaboration like you have never seen before

With Mimir, you give your journalists and editors a powerful collaboration, production and AI tool. 

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Introducing Mimir 

Mimir is a video collaboration and production tool for professionals that runs in the cloud. Mimir has production asset management features, archive features, asset management and object-store features, etc. It integrates with a wide range of AI technologies for automatic metadata enrichment. Mimir is used by production companies, broadcasters, digital agencies, schools, organisations and companies, worldwide.

It launched in early 2019 as a tool for cloud storage and backup, intelligent media search, and automating metadata enrichment using integrated AI technologies. 

Since its launch, the Mimir team have released 300+ product features. Today the product is one of the most comprehensive native-cloud video collaboration tools in the market, with tight integrations to the Adobe and Avid platforms for editors and cloud newsroom tool DiNA for storytellers and journalists. 



Move your content to the cloud 

With Mimir, you can move your media assets to the cloud and at the same time automate your metadata logging by using the integrated artificial intelligence (AI) services. Time consuming tasks, such as speech-to-text transcriptions, multi language translations, event tagging, object and face recognition, and more, are done automatically for you. 

Mimir can be set up in an all-cloud environment and in a hybrid cloud environment.

High resolution material can be uploaded directly in the Mimir web application with a lower res version (proxy) available for both preview and for editing. 



Discover your content

With Mimir anyone working with video and images can easily find what they need for their stories and projects. Mimir has an easy to use search with built-in advanced search options.

Mimir users can search for video titles, persons, objects, spoken words, translated spoken words, and any other logged metadata. Search filters can be combined for advanced search.

Finding the content you need is fast and reliable, saving you both time and money. And maybe you can discover new assets from your archives? 


Automate your subtitling

Mimir integrates with a wide range of AI technologies for automating many time consuming tasks, such as speech-to-text transcription and translation.

From an easy to use script editor, Mimir users can edit transcripts, highlight segments, and create subtitles. 

Users can find the content they need with searching for spoken words in transcripts and in translated transcripts. 



Find who said what

Mimir integrates with a range of AI technologies for face and celebrity detection. Using the celebrity service from AWS, as example, gives access to 600.000+ celebrities. 

In addition, customers can build their own persons collection and share this between all Mimir users, making it easy to find who they need from their media archives.

When searching for a person and for spoken words from video transcripts, Mimir highlights where in a video clip the person appears. Imagine that you need a video clip of a specific person, talking about a specific topic, at a specific location. Seems impossible? Not with Mimir! 


Integrate with Adobe Premiere 

You can access Mimir directly from Adobe Premiere Pro, hosted within the editing application. This makes all the regular Mimir functionality available for the video editor and you can import clips into a project, create subclips from text selection, and more.

With Mimir editors can choose to work with proxy or with highres material.

With proxy workflow the files are only 1-2% of the original content size. This allows you to use less powerful computers and you don’t need to worry about your network or internet connection. This especially applies to when you combine it with a central conform workflow.



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Key benefits of Mimir


Mimir represents a new breed of software solutions that is built from scratch with modern web technology. 

Scalable and Secure

Mimir works just as well for ingesting 50.000 hours of material as 50 minutes, and is easy to scale up and down. 

Automate with AI

Mimir integrates with a wide range of AI technologies for automatic metadata logging.  

Access from anywhere
Mimir is a browser based application that allows users to access from their favourite web browser. 
Find content faster

Mimir enables your journalists and editors to find the content that they need in a fast and secure way. 

Privacy and security
Mimir connects to the customer's own storage to comply with privacy and security requirements. 
Integrated workflows

Mimir integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Nexis and Media Composer, for easy search, projects workflows and clips creation. 

No installation 
Mimir does not require any on-premise installation. You buy the amount of subscriptions that you need for a fully managed access. 

Supported AI technologies


For detecting faces from your own person collection
For detecting celebrities
For detecting labels/objects
For speech-to-text


For translation
For Speech-to-text


For Speech-to-Text
Natural Language Understanding
For content tagging / categorisation


For Speech-to-Text


For content tagging / categorisation


For soccer event detection (other analysis coming soon)


For speech-to-text


For speech-to-text

It's time to unite your editors, journalists and engineers

Mimir is used for cloud storage and backup, for media production, search and editing, for automatic speech-to-text transcription, persons and objects detection, multi-language translations, logging, and more.

Finally, all your staff can work in a unified tool that is fun, super easy to use, and that requires no installation or maintenance. 

Ready to see how Mimir can transform your media workflows? 



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