Practical use of AI in Media Production

Report from EBU MDN 2020

The annual meeting point for developers working on Metadata and Artificial Intelligence in broadcasting

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s foremost alliance of public service media, representing over a hundred organizations worldwide. Read more about EBU here.

At this year EBU MDN Workshop Mjoll were invited to present Mimir and how it can be used for bringing AI to end-users in a production environment.

Recording of our CTO’s presentation can be viewed on the EBU web site here (also linked from below snapshot of our presentation).

Snapshot of Steinar Søreide presenting at MDN
Snapshot of Mjoll CTO, Steinar Søreide, presenting live at the EBU MDN 2020 event
We are agnostic with regards to what AI technologies our customers wants to use. We have integrated a lot of different providers in Mimir, allowing the customer to choose what AI service they want to use

– Steinar Søreide, CTO, Mjoll

Creating software for media production in the cloud that utilises AI

The Mjoll team come from a strong background in media and broadcast and have been central in developing tools for journalists and editors that improves editorial, graphics, and media management workflows, for many years.

We were given the opportunity to launch a start-up in technology group Fonn Group in early 2019, with our company Mjoll. In record time, we launched the cloud based media management system Mimir, built from scratch on modern web technology.

We have followed the trends in the industry for years and saw a need from companies in both broadcast and production to start using AI and cloud infrastructure as part of their daily workflows.

For many this is a significant challenge! The AI technologies are typically made available through open APIs, but for a TV station or production house, utilising these technologies requires developer resources.

This was the beginning of Mimir!

Mimir ties all of the AI technologies together into a user friendly workflow tool, with added functionality for advanced search, for cloud storage and management of files, subtitling, with NLE integrations, and more.

Who uses Mimir?

We have built a strong customer base in Mjoll with securing customers such as Al Arabiya News Channel, Danish Radio, IMG Norway and IMG Sweden, TV 2/FYN, Sky News Australia, Ausbiz, Mothership, Feature Story News, and DeepOcean, amongst others.

Part of our success has been to work with leading system integrators and resellers from early on. Today we are represented in the Nordics with our partnership with Mediability, in Oceana with our partnership with Stem Media, mentioning a few.

Typical use cases for AI

Artificial Intelligence can be used to automate a number of time consuming tasks for the editorial team or the journalists. With Mimir you can use AI technology from AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Speechmatics, and many more to automate your:

    • Video and Image metadata logging
      Speech-to-text transcription
      Multi language translations
      Object detection
      Face and Celebrity recognition
      Event tagging and more

Learn more about Mimir and the AI services we integrate to here.

With Mimir we can choose what AI service we want to use at any time, giving us the freedom and security we need to follow technology developments without being locked to one selected proprietary platform.

Tommy Aaase, CEO of Screen Story.

Learn more about Mimir

About Mimir

Mimir is a browser based media management solution. It’s a tool for journalists and video editors, or anyone working with video, for automating the boring and time-consuming tasks, such as video and image metadata logging, speech-to-text transcription, multi-language translation, and more.

Find the assets you need in a fast and secure way and create better stories. Mimir harnesses the power of market leading cognitive services from Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and others. www.mjoll.no/mimir

Mimir is in use by production companies, broadcasters, media houses and others, worldwide.

About Mjoll

Mjoll is a software company founded in Norway in 2019. The company is part of Fonn Group and member of Media City Bergen. The company launched Mimir in 2019.