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Cloud newsroom and media management with AI – Introducing DiNA and Mimir

This webinar i hosted by CIS Group and Fonn Group

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Welcome by Matt Silva, CEO CIS Group and Isaac Hersly, CEO Fonn Group Americas

Live demo of DiNA
by Robert Strand, 7Mountains

Live demo of Mimir. Workflow with DiNA, Adobe Premier and Avid
by Kristian Kim Eikeland, Mjoll


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Cloud newsroom and media management with AI - Introducing DiNA and Mimir (by CIS Group)

CIS Group was announced as our new partner earlier this year (see press release from Fonn Group here) for reselling and implementing Mimir and DiNA in the US and in Brazil.

In this webinar, CIS Group will present the partnership together with our owner, Fonn Group, and the solutions from 7Mountains and Mjoll, with DiNA and Mimir.

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See our customer case webinar recordings

Virtual and Cloud based production: Launching a news channel during a lockdown.

Webinar hosted by Media City Bergen March 2021.

March 30 2020, Australian online news channel ausbiz aired for the first time with their OTT business channel. At the heart of their storytelling and multiplatform workflows you find technology from the Media Cluster companies; 7Mountains, Mjoll, Vizrt, Vimond, and Mediabilty.

In this seminar you will meet Emily Dawson from Stem Media, who will present the technology brief for the project, the solutions chosen and the integrated workflows for the journalists and editors at ausbiz.

Stem Media is the reseller and technology partner for 7Mountains and Mjoll in Oscena. They sold a complete cloud-based newsroom workflow to ausbiz and led the project from the start to the end, with the launch of ausbiz taking place during the first covid-19 lockdowns.

You will learn about how to build a news channel from the ground up on cloud technologies and with no legacy hardware and software solutions, for multiplatform news production. You will learn about how cloud solutions can be an enabler for working from anywhere and how AI technologies can be used as a tool for journalists and editors in their daily workflows.

Mediability will join Emily to talk about how they were able to work remotely with installations, systems integration and with training during the March lockdown.

The seminar will include an open Q&A session.

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Seminar march 9th

Contact us to request access to the full video presentation.

See the TV 2/Fyn case presentation from September 2020

The story behind TV 2/Fyn and how they built the world’s most innovative newsroom.

In this in-depth workflow presentation, from Sept 2020, we got unique insights about the new cloud based newsroom at TV 2/Fyn, from the end-users themselves.

The video includes:

  • Project introduction ny system integrator Mediability
    A brief introduction to DiNA by 7Mountains and Mimir by Mjoll
    Background for the project of changing to a cloud based newsroom by Michael Jensen, Head of Technology and Innovation at TV 2/Fyn
    Live demonstration of the journalist tools by Christoffer Laubel, Journalist at TV 2/Fyn

Contact us to request access to the full video presentation.

See the ausbiz case presentation from August 2020

Fonn Group partner Stem Media presented the ausbiz project, the customer brief and the technical solutions and integrations installed at ausbiz.

The presentation included an introduction and live demonstration of DiNA by 7Mountains and Mimir by Mjoll.

Contact us to request access to the full video presentation.

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