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We could not attend the planned industry events, seminars and meet-ups this spring, due to the COVID-19 situation, but we hope to see you in one of our scheduled webinars.

Thanks to great online tools and the fact that our solutions are 100% cloud solutions, we can still show you our demonstrations for our planned US spring launch of Mimir.

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Next webinar:
August 26

Anyone who is looking for a smart media management solution that runs in the cloud, and that are in in need of a tool for journalists and editors to easily find videos and images, should join this webinar.

Note! The webinars are open to Mjoll customers, partners and prospective customers only.

In the Mimir webinar
you will:

  • Learn about new features of Mimir
  • Learn how AI can be used by journalists and editors
  • Learn how to easily find related videos and images for your stories and projects
  • Get a live demonstration of Mimir

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Fonn Group Americas

Mimir sales and implementation partner in Australia, New Zealand and the other Oceanic countries:

Stem Media

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